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Jacob’s Ladder and Stafford Food Security

Since 2017 Stafford Food Security (SFS) has been providing support to children

and families in the Stafford County area. Since its inception, SFS has provided over

100,000 meals via its school backpack program, community meals, and its Hunger

Strike Force food truck.

Tim White, the founder and Executive Director of SFS is excited to announce the

transfer of the SFS mission to “Shield Children from Hunger” to area non-profit Jacob’s


Jacob’s Ladder, co-founded by Apostle Frank Lacey, John Roller, and Brian

Gillespie is an inter-faith-based program to encourage and empower Families and

Individuals along a path to Self-Reliance / Independence through the provision of

needed resources.

Jacob’s Ladder will continue to provide the key services initiated by SFS,

ensuring Stafford area schools continue to receive healthy emergency backpack meals

for educators to distribute to families in need. Jacob’s Ladder will also continue the SFS

mission to build relationships in the community by conducting community meals in area

neighborhoods. Additionally, Jacob’s Ladder will augment existing SFS capabilities by

providing food distribution and educational services consistent with the Jacob’s Ladder’s


Mr. White will continue to serve the community in an advisory capacity to Jacob’s

Ladder, assisting Jacob’s Ladder in employing its resources within and around Stafford

County. The merging of these two entities allows for greater reach and employment of

their individual resources and allows for continued support for the Stafford community.

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